The Skinnygirl Book Club Guide

Who says entertaining needs to include calories? Sometimes, a bit of literature, a dash of stimulating conversation and a little celebrity sparkle is all you (and your girlfriends) need for an enlightening at-home affair.

Welcome to our personal guide to your next Book Club gathering. The biggest question is: what to read? We’ve got three rocking book recommendations from some of the funniest, most genuine and totally inspiring celebrity women we know and love.

And as far as those calories are concerned: snacks are optional, Skinnygirl Cocktails are recommended.

A Place of Yes, by Bethenny Frankel

Straight from the brain of the original Skinnygirl herself, Bethenny candidly opens up about her past (a constantly feuding family, dysfunctional romantic relationships and failed businesses included) and breaks down the 10 rules to conquering adversity, finding yourself and getting everything you want out of life. Sounds too good to be true, but Bethenny proves if she can do it, anyone can. This inspiring collection of personal stories and straight-up advice will make you love Bethenny even more…and ever after.

I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down, by Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson traces her 80-pound weight-loss journey in her new book and explains: "I had everyone on the planet tell me that I needed to look a certain way or be a specific size if I wanted to make it as a singer. I have been rejected from more jobs than the ones I've gotten simply because of my appearance. If I had listened to all of those people, maybe I would have become a broken-down, overweight, out-of-work, American Idol castoff has-been.” Well, it’s clear that Ms. Hudson didn’t let that happen. She proves that she does indeed “have this”, and shows how you can too.

Bossypants, by Tina Fey

The New York Times called the best-selling Bossypants "a spiky blend of humor, introspection, critical thinking and Nora Ephron-isms for a new generation." The autobiographical tome follows the comedienne’s journey, from her humble Chicago roots all the way to landing Saturday Night Live, the creation of the Emmy-award winning 30 Rock and winning the hearts of millions of Americans…well, not including Sarah Palin. Be forewarned: with Fey’s whip smart wit and quirky anecdotes, sip your cocktails slowly. Spontaneous bursts of laughter are guaranteed.


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