Party Heart-y With the Girls This V-Day

Dreading Valentine’s Day this year? Snap out of it! Rather than bemoan your single status, organize a girly get-together to celebrate the lady love in your life this holiday.


Does Valentine’s Day have you seeing red? Embrace it! Set a scarlet dress code and deck out your pad in Skinnygirl® Cocktails’ favorite red-hot shade. Today of all days, love is best served on the rocks, so concoct a pink or crimson signature cocktail using Skinnygirl® White Cranberry Cosmo and pour it over heart-shaped ice. Those surely won’t be the only hearts you melt this year!

For added decadence, rim glasses with chocolate and cherry sprinkles, and garnish with strawberries, which happen to resemble adorable hearts when cut in half. Also creating the perfect shape: halved mini tomatoes. Serve on skewers alongside mozzarella and basil, and let your guests eat their hearts out.

Prefer simple elegance instead? Keep it classy by toasting your girls with a glass of Skinnygirl™ California Red Blend.


Pump up a mix filled with girl power anthems and breakup ballads to get the party started. Crown the lady with the best moves – awesome air guitar, anyone? -- with a prize. Or if you tire of hearing professionals croon, let your ladies battle it out with a karaoke-style sing-off. Our pick for top prize? A bottle of Skinnygirl® Cocktails of course! Swag the rest of your girls with gag gifts stuffed inside a heart-shaped piñata, which they can take turns busting open. And may that be the only heart that breaks today!


Instead of gorging yourself on sweets, feast on some eye candy instead. Invite all of your celeb crushes to the party with a rom-com marathon. Create a sleepover vibe with lots of throw pillows and blankets, and get your girls comfy by gifting them with smooch-covered socks. Feel free to freeze-frame during any shirtless scenes. No judgment, ladies!


Want to put your best face forward after V-Day? Get glowing with DIY masks and scrubs. Place fresh ingredients like cucumber, avocado, oatmeal and sugar in separate bowls, and let guests mix it up. Another sweet idea: set up mani-pedi stations with mini bottles of this holiday’s hottest hue, red, and paint each other’s nails. Let your ladies take home their lacquer, along with other TLC treats like lotion, candles and Skinnygirl® Skinnyminis™ Margaritas. For added indulgence, consider hiring a masseuse or tarot card reader for the night.


Feeling the love now? Let’s hope so! Pay it forward by volunteering at your local soup kitchen or organizing a closet cleanout for Dress for Success®, and spread that loving spirit like a lady!

A Lady Always Drinks Responsibly™

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