Keep Winter Skin Radiant With These Easy Tips

Winter is the prime time for dry, cracked skin to wreak havoc on your overall appearance. When your lips aren't the only thing that's chapped, you know the weather is taking its toll on your face. Don't give up on your dream of skin that glows in the winter, as well as the summer, months. How can you keep your winter skin radiant this year?

1. Use a liquid foundation instead of a powder. Your skin needs all the moisture that it can get during the winter months, and a powder will only serve to dry your skin out unnecessarily. Select a liquid foundation for use during the winter. If you must use a powder, use it on top of a liquid foundation or well-moisturized skin.

2. Carefully select the soap for your face. It can be easy to grab the bar of soap in the shower and give your face a scrub. This is an especially dangerous practice in the winter months. Opt for a soap that's intended to be used on your face exclusively. After washing, your face won't feel as dried out as it might otherwise.

3. Wear less make-up than you do during the summer. Think twice about the amount of make-up you wear during the winter. If you want radiant skin this year, don't over-do it with your make-up during the winter months. Focus on well-moisturized skin. If you do opt to wear make-up during the winter, keep it light and liquid-based. Always remember to remove your make-up before bed, too.

4. Eat a diet heavy on water-rich foods. Make sure to choose foods that are water-rich during the winter months to help keep your skin well-hydrated. Are you looking for a simple tip to make sure to consume enough water-rich foods? Eat a salad daily. Add cucumbers, orange or apple slices, strawberries, or other fruits and vegetables, which have high water content.

5. Drink less caffeine and more water. You may feel a stronger urge for caffeinated beverages during the darker winter months. However, make sure you aren't neglecting your water consumption. Have your morning cup of coffee, but then stick to water for the majority of the day. If you don't give your body enough water, the effects will be written all over your face.

Content by Kelly Herdrich.

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