Calling all desk warriors and cubicle queens! Long hours of sitting can zap energy...

Calling all desk warriors and cubicle queens! Long hours of sitting can zap energy and cause the dreaded office-chair spread. With our tips, it’s no sweat (okay, maybe a little) to shape up at the office.

Take a Stand

Standing burns more calories than sitting, so seek out opportunities to rise to the occasion at work. If a stand-up station seems too extreme, then at least get on your feet during phone chats. Multi-tasking tip: add in calf raises to strengthen and tone, also a good way to stay productive while waiting at the printer.

Have a Ball

Swap out your office chair for an exercise ball to engage your core. If you still can’t bear to part with your wheels, try this one-minute deskercise that hits the spot in all seats: buns-of-steel squeezes. Hold for up to ten seconds and release for a tight tush worthy of those skinny jeans!

Beware the Candy Bowl

Ward off sweets by packing your own healthy snacks, like almonds and apple slices with peanut butter. Brown bag a well-balanced lunch, too, to put an end to greasy, fast-food runs. Limit caffeine and soda, and up your water intake for maximum hydration. Calorie-burning tip: using a small glass will force you to take more trips for refills.

Step It Up

Skip email and phone calls when possible, and walk over to converse with colleagues instead. If you choose to remain seated, tap your toes as you type with a desk stepper. For an added lift, skip the elevator in favor of the stairs and try tackling them two at a time. 

Just Say Om

Make like a yogi to relieve stress and cramping with simple stretches, including arm raises, neck rolls, toe touches and chair twists. And don’t forget to breathe, ladies! Take five, close your eyes and deeply inhale and exhale your work worries away.

Treat Yourself

After toiling away all day, you deserve a reward. Our pick: a Skinnygirl® Cocktails happy hour, of course! 


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